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Learn Powerful Strategies to Improve Self-Esteem in this interview with Dr. Cotton shares.
Many people struggle with low self-esteem and confidence. Especially women. They live life in the shadows and don’t achieve what they are capable of. Getting attuned to self and the inner dynamics that comprise you holistically can lead to a greater sense of self and quality life and living.

Watch the recording of this live talk show episode # 25 of ‘Happy and Healthy Mind with Dr. Rozina,’ where you are sure to learn some practical tools to improve your self-esteem and confidence and live your best life from Dr. Cotton.

Dr. M. Jeanne Cotton is a charismatic personal growth and development expert who has creatively blended a finely woven texture of “old fashioned” common sense with self-empowerment. Dr. Cotton is the CEO and founder of Transcend YOUniversity and is passionate about helping individuals come to know their worth–from the inside out. Her seminars, workshops, and ministry have yielded definite and measurable results to audiences globally.

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